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Interview: Decolonizing as a Spiritual Path

w/ Molly Arthur

"Our primary babaylans and babaylan-inspired kapwa are still with us. In land-based tribal communities in the Philippines, they perform their roles as they have done for thousands of years. Karl Gaspar calls them "organic mystics." In the diaspora, he calls them "mystics in exile." Among Filipinos in the homeland and in the diaspora, decolonizing Filipinos claim the babaylan spirit as an inheritance that is available to all who wish to follow an indigenous Filipino spiritual path." (excerpt from Babaylan: Filipinos and the Call of the Indigenous).

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Decolonization: A Conversation with Dr. Leny Strobel

May 21, 2018 / Erin Rabke

Embodiment Matters




By Eunice Barbara C. Novio

She is a professor, an eminent scholar, author, activist, a babaylan-inspired woman and a lot more. But she also calls herself a “settler” and a “colonized person,” and she has embarked on a long and arduous journey to unlearn 500 years of colonial influence, which had shaped her consciousness and identity.

This is the process of “decolonization,” a word that did not circulate very much in the Filipino community in the United States in the early ‘90s.

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Dr. Leny Strobel’s Journey of Self-Rediscovery
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